Cooperation with Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt

Members of the Innovation Center have the possibility to attend various training and further education courses dealing with various aspects of drug development, transfer, patents, licences and spin-offs. These courses are offered in collaboration with TransMIT GmbH in Giessen, Innovectis and the central graduate academy GRADE at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. GRADE offers participants a wide range of different courses that cover not only scientific topics but also skills in the areas of (self-)management and career planning.  Further information about the GRADE programme can be found here.  

In particular, the GRADE Centre BioMed FIRST focuses on drug research, development and safety and offers courses and workshops on these topics. In addition, employees and doctoral students can take part in career talks and gain insights into non-academic positions for natural and life scientists.

Further information about GRADE and the current programme can be found on the homepage


Cooperation with TransMIT GmbH in Gießen

TransMIT GmbH acts as a partner for innovation and is working at the intersection of science and business. The aim is to provide targeted support for researchers and their innovative ideas in order to ensure a rapid transfer of innovation. 

Interesting seminars, workshops and (virtual) company excursions are offered in order to fascilitate the application process for the GO-Bio Initial funding initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Employees of the Innovation Centre have the opportunity to participate in these events. Please find more information here


Events TheraNova Community

The Innovation Center organizes several events on a regular basis. These include the Spring and Summer School, technology seminars and further workshops.